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How would you feel if your world changed overnight and suddenly you were able to experience how other people existed? What if you could see what they saw, live as they lived, or feel the actual emotions they felt?  Imagine being able to experience, firsthand, what it felt like to live forty, fifty or a hundred years ago.

What if wearing an Egyptian ring causes this to happen and opens a connection to the supernatural that you can’t close?  What if you keep having these experiences and no one knows how to make them stop? How would you handle it?

That’s the dilemma that faces three kids in the Mulberry Grove books “Mulberry Grove: The Ring" and "Mulberry Grove: The Radio." These books introduce you to the main characters (Luke, David, and Jennifer) and the sleepy Midwestern town (Mulberry Grove) in which these stories are set.

These books are a cross between the Hardy Boys and the X-Files. They give the reader a chance to visit different time periods yet also be a part of the modern world. The present, past and future all exist in the same strand of time.


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